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What’s changed from version 7.5

Revisions have been made to the previously available Australian Curriculum to make the curriculum easier to manage, particularly for primary schools, to simplify the curriculum’s presentation and to strengthen the focus on literacy.

To achieve this:

  • The volume of content in learning areas has been reduced by deleting, clarifying and simplifying content descriptions, where appropriate, and moving references to examples to the content elaborations. This has improved clarity of content descriptions and has resulted in an overall reduction in the number of content descriptions in the curriculum.
  • A single Foundation – Years 6/7 Humanities and Social Sciences learning area replaces the History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, and Economics and Business subjects at these year levels. This change has resulted in a significant reduction in the volume of content descriptions and an improvement in the manageability of the primary curriculum.
  • Single learning area achievement standards, in addition to the existing subject-specific achievement standards, have been provided in the learning areas of Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts and Technologies.
  • The presence of phonics and phonemic awareness in the Australian Curriculum: English has been increased. The sound and letter knowledge sub-strand of the language strand has been strengthened and renamed phonics and word knowledge, comprising three threads: phonological and phonemic awareness, alphabet and phonic knowledge, and spelling. The content on the Australian Curriculum website has been revised to support these changes; the glossary has expanded to include all relevant terms.
  • The representation of Western influences on Australia’s system of government; the role of founders and key features of constitutional development; beliefs and values of Christianity; the role of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the executive arm of government have been strengthened in the Australian Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Tracked changes for Foundation – Year 10 Australian Curriculum document (PDF 2.9 mb) is available on the Australian Curriculum website.

Changes to information on the current Australian Curriculum website support the move to a more streamlined presentation of the curriculum. In this version of the website:

  • Substantial reductions to the volume of supporting information for each learning area, general capability and cross-curriculum priority have been made by removing duplication and paring back background detail.
  • A consolidated F–10 overview section reduces repetition and provides clearer and more concise information about the whole F–10 Australian Curriculum, including
    • the relationship between learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities
    • common structural parts of each learning area and their purpose
    • the contribution of each learning area to a student’s learning in Foundation – Year 2, Years 3–6 and Years 7–10
    • implications for teaching, assessing and reporting.
  • Consistent navigational headings have been applied to the presentation of each learning area.

The streamlined identification of general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities in each learning area, showing a reduced and more accurate presentation of general capability and cross-curriculum priority icons, was released on version 7.5 of Australian Curriculum website in May 2015.

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