Essential Mathematics

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Representation of Cross-curriculum priorities

The Senior Secondary Mathematics curriculum values the histories, cultures, traditions and languages of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples past and ongoing contributions to contemporary Australian society and culture. Through the study of mathematics within relevant contexts, opportunities will allow for the development of students’ understanding and appreciation of the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples histories and cultures.

There are strong social, cultural and economic reasons for Australian students to engage with the countries of Asia and with the past and ongoing contributions made by the peoples of Asia in Australia. It is through the study of mathematics in an Asian context that students engage with Australia’s place in the region. Through analysis of relevant data, students are provided with opportunities to further develop an understanding of the diverse nature of Asia’s environments and traditional and contemporary cultures.

Each of the senior Mathematics subjects provides the opportunity for the development of informed and reasoned points of view, discussion of issues, research and problem solving. Therefore, teachers are encouraged to select contexts for discussion connected with sustainability. Through analysis of data, students have the opportunity to research and discuss this global issue and learn the importance of respecting and valuing a wide range of world perspectives.

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