Mathematical Methods

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In Mathematical Methods, there is a strong emphasis on mutually reinforcing proficiencies in Understanding, Fluency, Problem solving and Reasoning. Students gain fluency in a variety of mathematical and statistical skills, including algebraic manipulations, constructing and interpreting graphs, calculating derivatives and integrals, applying probabilistic models, estimating probabilities and parameters from data, and using appropriate technologies. Achieving fluency in skills such as these allows students to concentrate on more complex aspects of problem solving. In order to study Mathematical Methods, it is desirable that students complete topics from 10A. The knowledge and skills from the following content descriptions from 10A are highly recommended for the study of Mathematical Methods:

  • ACMNA264: Define rational and irrational numbers, and perform operations with surds and fractional indices
  • ACMNA269: Factorise monic and non-monic quadratic expressions, and solve a wide range of quadratic equations derived from a variety of contexts
  • ACMSP278: Calculate and interpret the mean and standard deviation of data, and use these to compare datasets.
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